.22-250 Vs .223 Caliber: Which Is Better For Hunting?

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There is always a heated debate around the two types of bullets: .22-250 vs .223 Caliber. Some people think that .22-250 Remington is much better for their gaiety; on the contrary, others suppose the more useful one is .223 Remington.

In the end, which one is the better cartridge for predator hunting r? We know that many people are confused when answering this question, and you are also in the same boat. However, no worry anymore! We have got your back already. Take a look at the article below, and all your questions will be solved in the blink of an eye!

.22-250 Caliber overview 

The first caliber to join the battle today is .22-250 caliber. It is the older type in the pair, the generation of the .250-3000 Savage, which is easily necked-down to accommodate .224-inch diameter cartridges. Traditionally, it is recognized by J.E. Gebby, which was the beloved wildcat and light-years leading of the .22 Hornet.

Cartridge size

.22-250 Caliber owns a bullet diameter of .224 inches with a case length of 1.91 inches and an overall length of 2.35 inches. Also, it possesses a 473-inch rim diameter. Plus, it’s quite an interesting fact that 22-250 has a significant case capacity with 40.9-grain H20. This bullet offers a max pressure (SAAMI) level at 65,000psi.


The trajectory of .22-250 when shooting the 55-grain Hornady V-Max bullet is at 3,680fps muzzle velocity power. With that power, this caliber can produce a higher shooting speed than other bullet types. 

Recoil velocity

.22-250 Remington is notable for its excellent accuracy on a wide variety of loads at 6.74fps with free recoil energy of 6.00ft-lbs. So, it is a very flat blasting, which can hold more kinetic force and has lighter wind drift.

Things We Liked
  • Inherent accuracy
  • Mild-mannered to handload
  • Flat shooting
  • Better for propelling heavier ammo
  • Ideal for long-range distances on foxes and rabbits
Things We Didn’t Like
  • A little higher cost in ammo
  • Not mild recoiling
  • Burning much more powder

.223 Caliber overview

.223 Remington, also called 5.56mm NATO, was introduced to the blasting world on the same circuit as the .308 Winchester. It was a military caliber proffered by Remington as a sporting bullet to SAAMI.

Cartridge size

The bullet diameter of .223 is .224 inches, and the rim diameter is .378 inches. Furthermore, it owns a 1.76-inch case   with overall length of 2.26 inches, and 28.2gr H20 case capacity. This caliber possesses a SAAMI peak ordinary pressure level of 55,000psi when shooting.


The .223 pushes significantly more energy at a longer range sniping when shooting 55gr V-Max bullet with muzzle velocity energy of 3,240fps. The strength of this bullet is in the medium range among the same types. 

Recoil velocity

The .223 Remington holds an adequate advantage at this point because rifles chambered in that cartridge own a faster rifling twist. Owing to this feature, the .223 offers them to precisely execute longer and more powerful B.C bullets than other ammunition types.

Things We Liked
  • Easily accurate shot without fear of jerking
  • Various ammo available widely 
  • Reasonable price
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Long-range trickle 
  • Wind and energy and deflection

.22-250 Vs .223 Caliber Similarities 

From the details of the two bullets, we can see that .22-250 and .223 seem not to have many details in common. The most notable point lies in terms of cartridge size. In particular, both of them have external dimensions of .224 inches. 

What is more, both these two bullets shoot the identical 55-grain V-Max bullets for the accurate results when hunting. 

.22-250 Vs .223 Caliber Differences 

There are significant differences between .22-250 and .223 caliber that make them unique from each other.

First, although the two calibers share the same bullet diameter, their case length, overall length, and max pressure vary. Especially, .22-250 owns 1.91-ich case length with case capacity of 40.9gr H2O while .223’s case length is smaller than the previous bullet, 1.76 inches with 28.2gr H2O case capacity. 

Moreover, different rim diameters bring different muzzle velocity energy. For instance, .22-250 offers up to 550 ft-lbs of energy at 500 yards. In contrast, .223 provides only 402 ft-lbs at great pressure. So, 22-250 has better speed, which translates to more fabulous hitting capability.

Besides, .22-250 offers approximately 3,700fps of predator-dropping velocity with a 55-grain bullet and produces almost 12 percent more speed and more 20 percent of ft-lbs impact energy than a .223 with a similar cartridge.

Which caliber is the final winner in this comparison? Apparently, we can see that .22-250 is the overall winner. It defeats .223 mainly in terms of velocity, speed, and trajectory. Also, .22-250 is one of the supreme best do-all predator bullets for coyotes, foxes, and bobcats in extended ranges.

Who should use .22-250 Caliber? 

As mentioned above, .22-250 caliber is very accurate, easy to reload, and shoots flat. Also, this is a cartridge that assists in a diversity of bolt-action rifle purposes. Hence, it is the ideal supplement for a heavy-barreled and long-range rifle with a high-magnification extent. 

Moreover, it is perfect for those who use it for coyotes, foxes, and bobcats out to widespread scales.

Who should use .223 Caliber? 

Thanks to rifles chambered in the cartridge, which have a fast rifling twist, .223 is proficient in maintaining more prolonged and heavier bullets. 

For this reason, it is suitable for those who are into big game hunting such as Barnes VOR-TX, Nosler E-Tip and Partition, or Hornady GMX than any other bullet types. 

The Bottom Line 

After reading the overview and comparison between .22-250 vs .223 Caliber, have you found out their own unique points yet? We hope you have already. 

If you are looking for a bullet with accuracy, flat shooting, and easy reloading for hunting at wide scales, the best choice is .22-250 caliber. In case you just need a cartridge for hunting games, you should purchase a .223. 

In the bottom line, it is dependable on your purposes and preference! They are both excellent, so that would be great if you can afford two of them.

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